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Keno Multiplayer (BC Originals): GAME Review & Theme

Keno is a lottery-style game where you select a series of numbers and hope they match the numbers that are randomly selected by the system. The odds of winning depend on how many other people are playing, but if you win, you get paid based on how much money you earn.

Keno multiplayer at BC.GAME is formatted so that it has become popular among players because they can play against each other and watch as other contestants' numbers are called out. While this might sound like just another online casino game, it is a social experience for 1-12 players who can view each other's strategies and numbers chosen while playing their games together—it's like watching TV or playing cards with friends!

The goal of Keno is to select numbers and bet on them, then wait for them to be called out by the computer. If your numbers are called out, you win!

Each game has 40 balls numbered from 1 to 40, and players get to choose up to 10 of these numbers as their selection before playing. You will receive a payout if the computer selects any of these numbers during the game!

Rather than a computerized version of the lottery-style game where you pick a series of numbers and hope they match the numbers randomly selected by the system to win, BC.GAME's Keno Multiplayer is formatted so that you are playing against other people.

The game starts with a countdown when all players have selected their numbers. After numbers are chosen, there is an interval between each round where players get to see what numbers will be called out before they make their selections for the next round. This format makes it much more exciting because if one person selects a number that hasn't been called out, you can watch them play and see which numbers have already been called out before making your selection later!

While this might sound like another online casino game, it is simultaneously a social experience for 1-12 players. Finding an online casino that allows you to play with others worldwide is not always easy, so the multiplayer aspect brings excitement to gambling. Playing against other people means you can interact with their bets and choose your strategy based on what others do!

Gameplay and Tutorial

You can play the game with up to 12 people at a time. Each game consists of rounds of 10 balls: each person gets one turn to mark any ball they like, and then all players reveal their selections at once. If you match all ten numbers on your card, you win! Otherwise, you get paid based on how many matches you made—and that's it!

You can see what numbers have been called out, the amount of money won, and how many people picked the same number. It is a great way to get an idea of whether or not it's worth paying a certain number yourself. This information can also help you determine how much money is still in play and how much more you could win if your number gets chosen.

You'll see which numbers have been called out but not how many people have picked them. It will give you insight into what types of numbers other players are picking so you can make better decisions about which would be most beneficial for yourself!

If you have selected one of these numbers, you will get paid based on how many matching numbers you selected and how much money you earned. The payout rate varies according to the number of correct numbers you choose, called Hits, and the total numbers you choose.

Keno Multiplayer offers an exciting new way for friends and family members to interact online, allowing them to win money without knowing how Keno works. That means everyone has an equal chance of winning!


Keno Multiplayer at BC.GAME offers an invigorating twist on the classic lottery-style game with its interactive interface and captivating gaming features that will keep players hooked. The game's polished design, with its fast-paced gameplay and multiplayer feature, not only delivers an electrifying casino experience but also fosters a sense of community among players. Playing against others and observing their number selections in real-time adds excitement and competition to the game. This social aspect, reminiscent of a friendly card game or a lively TV show watch party, sets Keno Multiplayer apart from other online casino games. All these elements combine to make Keno Multiplayer a thrilling number-based adventure, perfect for seasoned gamers and newcomers eager to dive into online gaming.

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